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About Us

At Arc Elevators, we take lift engineering to a new level.

We are one of the very few independent UK companies that designs, manufactures, installs and services its own lifts. This turnkey approach gives us quality control throughout a lift’s life cycle, the secret of our success.

We research and design each lift individually, to provide reliable, smooth and energy-efficient performance. We manufacture with stronger materials, laser cut and assembled to provide ease of access for our service engineers.

The result? Our bespoke lifts last longer, are cost effective and can be serviced more efficiently, meaning less disruption to the customer. A two year full parts and labour warranty is standard on any new Arc Elevator.

UK Coverage

We design, build, install and modernise lifts throughout the UK, from Glasgow to Exeter. We work in almost every sector: housing associations, residential apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, banks, warehouses and factories.

As well as supplying our bespoke new lifts, we also refurbish and service lifts made by any other manufacturer, and we have become the go-to company for troubleshooting chronic performance problems. If a part is failing repeatedly, we’ll design and build a new component to replace it, whatever the lift. That, for us, is normal customer service.

We thrive on engineering challenges, whether it’s designing a dust-proof machine room in the heart of a Clitheroe cement works, or ensuring the reliability of the car lift in the Hilton Double Trees Hotel in Leeds. When there’s a problem, the call goes out to Arc Elevators, the country’s lift doctors!

The independent lift engineering company

UK Heritage

Arc Elevators

Arc Elevators is proud to be based in the heart of East Lancashire with its heritage of skilled engineering. We harness the latest technologies to design lifts fit for the future but made to traditional UK engineering standards of excellence. Whenever possible, we source materials and services locally or elsewhere in the UK. Arc Elevators: high quality lift cars are made to our precise computer designs within three miles of our workshop.

Green technologies


Arc Elevators is driving forward engineering and technology advances that will make lift systems greener. For example, our brand-leading MRL 2000kgs goods/passenger lift significantly reduces the oil usage and energy demands of its hydraulic alternative.

We supply energy efficient, regenerative, variable speed drives for a range of lifts and reductions of up to 30% of running power can be achieved, with a range of standby power and hibernation settings that save up to 95% during inactive periods.

Innovation as standard

innovation arc elevators

We’re constantly learning at Arc Elevators. It’s part of our engineering DNA! always looking for improvements and better solutions. That extends to our staff whose skills and knowledge are continuously updated through development ad training.

Field teams are regularly briefed on the latest technical and legislative developments while all staff understand that exemplary quality standards and customer service are the norm for Arc Elevators.

Some of our many clients

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Arc Elevators
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