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Arc Elevators

Design, Build & Installation

At Arc Elevators, we place a premium on client satisfaction and peace of mind.

We know you will be reassured if the company that designs your lift also builds, installs and services it. Unlike many other elevator companies, we do all four – a full turnkey solution. But that’s not all.

Each Arc elevator is custom designed to do the specific job required and not assembled as a standard package or adapted from off-the-shelf components. Our designers and engineers can create a lift to fit any size of shaft, or a shaft to work with any existing lift, a truly bespoke approach.

We lead the field in engineering innovation, such as our popular 2000 kgs MRL goods/passenger lift which provides the smooth efficiency of a traction lift, operating at much faster speeds than the hydraulic alternative and without the requirement of a machine room.

Every Arc lift is manufactured in the UK to our exacting specification, using only the materials and components we choose. We will be servicing these lifts throughout their working lives so, not surprisingly, they’re built to last!

The completed lifts are delivered direct to the client’s site to be met by our team of engineers who undertake the expert task of installing the entire lift system.

We also design easy service access into our lift systems, reducing maintenance downtime. That’s what you get with a full turnkey solution.

Arc Elevators – taking lifts to a new level.

Bespoke Lifts

Bespoke Lifts

Arc is perfectly placed to source suppliers from the cream of engineering expertise that surrounds their Colne base. One such company is Pendle Engineering who manufactures Arc’s lift cars and shafts.

Arc Elevators is proud of its pedigree, founded and operating in the heart of east Lancashire.

Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, east Lancashire has maintained a strong tradition for engineering that continues through precision sectors such as aerospace and companies like Arc Elevators.

Engineering design drives everything we do, from creating new lifts to solving old problems that other lift companies are reluctant to take on.

Pendle Engineering has built a reputation for manufacturing quality metal products and they are situated just three miles from Arc Engineering. Who better to take our innovative designs and turn them into reality?

Both companies work closely to ensure each lift system is developed to the highest standards of UK engineering to fulfill its specific purpose for you, the client.

This is a bespoke service, not mass production, and you will experience the difference for years to come, each time you step inside an Arc Elevator.

Arc Elevators
Passenger Lift
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Passenger Lifts

Arc Elevators offers a flexible range of new passenger lifts, each built to individual client specification.

Arc can install traditional 8 person Traction MRL 630 kgs capacity lifts, or lifts of a less conventional size to meet client requirements.

Our passenger lifts are installed in hotels and apartments, and can fit within existing shafts which often come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Our design and engineering skills ensure this is not a problem.

Arc Elevators holds the ISO9001, testament to our unstinting attention to design and materials, both in the lift car and shaft. You will see this in the build quality and reliability of an Arc Elevator. They’re made to last and your initial investment will be repaid again and again with years of trouble-free operation.

Our turnkey solution extends to the interior styling of any lift, where we can offer an almost limitless selection of finishes, colour combinations and bespoke branding.

Goods & Passenger Lift
Goods Only Lift

Goods & Passenger Lifts

We are particularly proud of our goods and passenger lifts as they are a prime example of how Arc Elevators approaches new lift design.

MRLs (Machine Roomless Lifts) are a popular alternative to hydraulic models. They do not require a motor room, so take less space. They are also three times faster and much cleaner. However, previously they have been primarily used for passenger lifts only.

When Storefirst approached us to supply a goods and passenger lift capable of carrying 2000 kgs, we thought, why not make an MRL that can take that payload and still provide all the other benefits, And that’s exactly what we did.

The resulting lift was designed and engineered by Arc Elevators from scratch, and has become a popular industry leader, installed in Storefirst buildings across the UK, including Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham and Preston.

It’s another example of Arc Elevators innovation. In addition we continue to design and install the more traditional 2000kg hydraulic lift for passenger/goods use, to maintain a full range of elevators to suit all client requirements.

Arc Elevators
Arc elevators

Goods Only Lifts

Need to move furniture in a storage warehouse, or perhaps bullion in a bank? We know how to shift all kinds of goods in a lift.

Our expertise is important as designing and installing a goods lift can be a complex operation, either because of the configuration of a building or the size and shape of the goods being transported.

Sometimes it’s both, such as in our first hydraulic lift project for Britannia Premier Removals and Storage. This required a lift car with a floor size of 1500x2900mm, large enough to fit a three seater sofa, but also floor levelling capability of only + or – 2mm, with re-levelling within 10 mm.

Britannia was delighted with the result and has since placed multiple orders with us.

In addition, we can install such elevators without a lift pit. We like to be tested!

Indeed we are the go-to elevator firm for bespoke solutions because we offer a full turnkey solution – from design to manufacture, installation and servicing.

Machinery directive lifts

Machinery Directive lifts

If you have a building with reduced headroom or would like to negate the requirement for a lift pit, Arc Elevators has the perfect solution! The MDP lift.


Flexible enough to be installed with both pit less ramped and shallow pit options, the MDP lift is a perfect solution for a whole range of applications.


With a standard capacity of 1500kg (bespoke capacities and sizes availible) the MDP lift boasts a fully enclosed sheet steel lift shaft containing all equipment and controls fitting in a 3 x 3 meter footprint.


Including telescopic lift doors, an energy efficient drive, smooth ride and branded colour options, the MDP lift is suitable for any eviroment.


This lift is fully compliant to the machinary directive operating at a speed of 0.15m/s.  

Arc Elevators
Arc Elevators
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