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Most Recent Work

Pirelli - Carlisle

Pirelli had quite a few different requirements to ensure the lift could withstand the constant day to day loading via a fork lift.

We designed a fully bespoke goods and passenger lift for Pirelli making sure we ticked all of their boxes and more.

Traction not hydraulics was a must for them, we also made sure the manual gates could open the full width of the lift and that the height was tall enough for the fork lift to enter at 2.6meters high. A pawl device was also included to prevent movement during loading operations via the fork lift truck.

This lift is extremely heavy duty and can carry the weight of 200 people (15tons), the lift has 20meters travel over 3 long floors and travels at 0.5m/s. 

The Lift was designed in house, manufactured locally and installed by our team of professional engineers.

Arc Elevators
arc elevators
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Unite the Union 

- National conference centre

- Birmingham

When Unite Union contacted us enquiring about 10 new bespoke lifts, we were more than up for the challenge. 

All 10 lifts were designed in house here in the UK and manufactured locally and installed by our highly skilled engineers.

We created 7 high speed lifts 2m/s (2 meters per second) 1 x triple group with bespoke bronze interior (pictured)

1 duplex group and 1 goods lift.

The Job was completed in December 2020 and the building is due to open soon

Storage World - Manchester

Storage World were looking for a lift to be installed that did not require a pit, luckily for them we now provide Machinery directive lifts that can be installed with or without a pit.

For Storage World we installed a machinery directive goods and passenger lift, the lift was designed in house, manufactured locally and installed by our team of talented engineers.

Not only did Storage world not require a pit but they also had limited head room available, so the lift was designed with minimal head room requirements.

The lift was designed to operate with high efficiency, quiet and smooth operation. It had a self supporting structure, was fully cladded and finished off in branded colours.

This lift runs at 0.15m/s as per machinery directive requirements.
Arc Elevators
Arc Elevators
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