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People have time in lifts. Time to look around and get an impression. For a new visitor to your company, it will be a first impression – the one they remember.

Is the lift interior tired and shabby? Are the passenger controls reliable? Do the doors glide shut? Does the lift move smoothly from floor to floor, effortlessly quiet, or does it creak and groan, and frequently break down? Most importantly, does it meet current safety standards?

It could be time to modernise and, at Arc Elevators, that means bringing the same exacting standards of new build to all our refurbishment work.


Refurbishment programme

  • we will replace your inefficient motor and gearbox with a gearless machine providing a cleaner and smoother operation, enhanced further by new guide rollers

  • our replacement control panels bring the latest technology to the heart of your lift, producing precision control to floor leveling, door operating and locking, meeting all EN81 requirements

  • we can supply either traditional BT line autodiallers for emergency calls from the lift or our innovative GSM wireless system using SIM card technology – more reliable and with no line rentals

  • all refurbished lifts have new floor indicators, speech synthesisers and can be fully DDA compliant

  • we can reline the interior of your lift in the material of your choice, be it polished steel, leather or white glass, in any colour and with bespoke branding, if required; all lighting is LED and time controlled

In short, your lift will be re-born – sleek and smooth, strong and reliable.

A credit to your company, and cheaper to run.

Arc Elevators
Arc Elevators